The knowledge center for energy roofs!

The knowledge center for energy roofs!

Our philosophy is sustainability. Sustainability as an attitude towards our world. The earth is not our property, we must treat it with responsibility and respect.


Our philosophy

Our philosophy is sustainability. Sustainability as an attitude towards our world. The earth is not our property, we must treat it with responsibility and respect.

About us

Welcome to Energiedak, from SolarTech.

We are SolarTech International B.V. We focus on the development of integrated solar thermal and PVT solutions, including design and consultancy, commercial and on-the-job support, product development and, of course, supplying components of guaranteed high quality.

Our solutions for the flat roof are Energy Roof and Energy Roof Plus. For sloping roofs we have developed the Multi Energy Panel, an addition to solar panels, which means that the panel not only generates electricity but also captures heat.

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Our mission and vision

“The earth is not our property, we must treat it with responsibility and respect.”


The Energy Roof® heats up during the day due to solar radiation and cools down again at night. The top layer of the roof consists of dark roofing material that warms well. Below this are collector plates with a system of pipes that extract the solar heat from the roof covering: more than 400 kW (1.45 GJ) per m² on an annual basis. A mixture of water/glycol flows through the pipes and transports the heat to the building’s energy consumers. This can be a thermal storage system that needs to be charged with energy, but also the heat pump, a boiler tank or the swimming pool.

The Energy Roof® can also make a direct contribution to the cooling of a building by allowing cooled water to flow through the underfloor heating, for example during the night. Due to nighttime radiation, heat can be emitted via the Energy Roof®. For example, the Energy Roof® has already been used as a cooling system for a large data center.


Energiedak®-Plus has all the qualities of the Energiedak®, but adds the many advantages of PV roofing. These thin film PV modules consist of solar cells that generate electricity. Energyroof®-Plus therefore not only supplies heat and cooling, but also electricity!

The difference with the regular Energiedak® is that the top layer of Energiedak®-Plus consists of the very latest CIGS PV modules from Hanergy, brand Mia Solé, which are installed on site or prefab on the plastic roof covering.


A few years ago we already made our first sloping roof with plugs and hoses. A difficult job because working on the sloping roof is very different from working on a flat surface. Investigations have been started into production methods, lifting techniques and beautiful finishes. This has resulted in the introduction of our Energy Roof, consisting of prefab roof panels with everything on and in them, from daylighting to solar foil, from heat collector (Energy roof) to insulation, construction and edge finishing. Initially intended for new construction situations, but experience shows that renovation is very similar to this.

The first energy roof for an existing home has been realized in Oirschot. The roof at the front has been insulated with Unilin sandwich panels, after which the roof tiles have been replaced. At the rear, the tiled roof has been replaced by fully prefabricated Energiekap roof panels. 15 pieces (the longest 8 meters), in different lengths, together supply 4,000 kWh of electricity and 15,000 kWh of heat.

Multi Energy Panel

A Multi Energy Panel is a panel that can be used to generate both electricity and heat. Thanks to smart integration and control, the same panel can also be used for cooling. And the most obvious function is that of a solar collector for hot water. The functioning of our system is being further investigated in a consortium with research institutes (TNO, ECN, TU/e) and PV producers. The thermal efficiency of our MEP panel is a η˳ of 0.23, converted to approximately 1 GJ / m² / panel.

Modifying existing solar panels or equipping new solar panels with MEP panels really pays off. Making an existing (row) home energy-neutral without a major investment is not utopian, but simply feasible. Also for your home! Read more about practical examples in this Urgenda brochure. Our MEP panels have been used by the Van der Spek (pages 6 – 9) and Ridderinkhof (22 – 25) families.

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We are located in the Evoluon in Eindhoven. A beautiful and inspiring location where we warmly welcome you.



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